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Designed for the clinician mastering skills to provide autism assessment in the adult population. Learn issues related to pattern analysis, how to assess each criterion, and how to perform differential diagnosis. Receive direct feedback from Dr. Regan on exams and practice assignments. She will respond to questions about the course topic for a period of 3 months from purchase. Receive certificate of completion (6.0 hrs).

Master Class: Autism Diagnosis in the Adult

  • After purchase, you are given a link to download a digital picture. This is only a placecard because of the way Wix sells digital products. Once you have paid, Dr. Regan will give you access to the course, and you can begin. Receive unlimited access to materials and 3-month access to Dr. Regan's personal input after date of purchase. Enrollment in course does not imply any supervisory or clinical relationship between purchaser and instructor. Purchasers are encouraged to gain knowledge from multiple sources on the topic of autism in the adult. 

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